Shoji Doors Technical Information

Timber We use responsibly sourced timber from Australian forests*. Australian oak consists of a few species, from Tasmanian oak to Victorian ash. These have good stability and straight grain for joinery with light to blonde colour, perfect complements for Australian homes and interior décor. Please note that timber is a natural product with variations in grain and colour. These variations are not considered defects. (* see links)
Construction Shoji Doors are designed to last and we don’t compromise on quality. Stiles and rails are all constructed with mortise and tenon joinery. The lattice joinery is unique, very specialised and detailed. Our methods are based on techniques and education learned in Japan.
Prefinished Lattice The Shoji Doors are in-part, “prefinished”. In the factory we have prefinished the inserts timber lattice designs in a clear lacquer, saving you the fuss. Once your doors have been fitted, and the latches installed, etc, then simply paint the outer frame and your door is complete.
Acrylic Insert The insert is a 3mm translucent white non see through acrylic cast sheet. It has a satin finish on both sides and allows light to softly filter through the door. The acrylic is a strong and durable product* that can be cleaned easily. Also, the acrylic is warm to touch and perfect for keeping room temperatures contained. (*manufacturers notes)
Application They can be used for hinged doors, surface mounted sliding doors, wardrobe sliding doors and cavity doors. The Shoji Doors range is a response to the popular request for shoji (Japanese sliding screens) in a standard size door that is suitable for Australian homes. The Shoji Doors range now makes shoji an option for any home!
Installing Shoji Doors are installed in the same way as any other internal hinged, cavity or sliding door. Whether it is DIY by the handyman or using a carpenter, Shoji Doors are a joy to fit and see the end results. Handles and latches of your choice can be fitted and the Shoji Door can be trimmed to size 5~10mm all around. Standard door opening frames, sliding pelmet box kits and cavity units are available from your local building suppliers and hardware shops.
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