Shoji Doors Warranty Information

12 Month Manufacturer’s Warranty

The Purchaser is entitled to 12 months manufacturer’s warranty which covers repair or
replacement for a major failure from faulty workmanship or materials. The Manufacturer’s
Warranty Period begins on the date of shipment. Warranty is not provided for reasons
due to wear and tear, negligence, neglect, failure to follow recommended door
installation and finishing.
Shoji Doors are made from natural wood and hence the colours and wood grains may
not appear exactly as depicted in the brochure. We will not accept warranty claim for
this reason. Shoji Doors are designed for interior use only and are not designed
to be exposed to direct exterior sunlight, excessive heat or soaked in water for any
period. No warranty claims for discolouration or excessive warping will be accepted
for those reasons.
Customers must ensure that the Shoji Doors are professionally installed to ensure
product performance, condition and value. Warranty claims on installation services will not be covered. The manufacturer’s warranty does not cover change of mind, changes in individual purchaser’s person situation, error of design choice and errors in dimensional measurement by client. All Shoji Door products deemed to be repairable or requiring replacement under manufacturer's warranty will be repaired or replaced free of charge upon return of the product and with necessary non-conformance photos or reports. The Purchaser is required to pay the cost of delivery to and from the factory.
All warranty claims must be reported to us immediately quoting the invoice number
and details as reference to demonstrate proof of purchase.
Door Care and Maintenance
Shoji Doors should never be exposed directly to sunlight, heat or water. Warping (cupping
or bowing of timber) of Shoji Doors is not considered a defect up to and including:
5mm on doors up to 2040 x 920 x 34mm or
6mm on doors over 2040 x 920 x 34mm and up to 2340 x 920 x 34mm.
Acrylic insert panels can be wiped clean with a light damp or dry cloth, and timber can
be dusted with a cloth or rag.
Finishing & Installation
After you receive your door, store it in a dry area that is away from damp and weather
extremes, off the ground.
Shoji Doors top and bottom rails and stiles can be trimmed 5mm – 10mm.
Follow instructions from door furniture suppliers on how to install their door handles
or locks.
Shoji Doors frames are supplied unfinished and need to be painted before being installed to protect against warping or cracking. We recommend Wattyl Estapol Interior Polyurethane (satin finish). Please follow manufacturer’s painting instructions. All surfaces and edges (including top and bottom) of the doorframe (excluding the wood lattice) should be painted after trimming/fitting and before hanging. Never use steel wool to sand Shoji Doors. Top and bottom edges of Shoji Doors should also be sealed. Follow paint manufacturer’s instructions on how to use their paint and always use the same for all edges and faces.
Payment Terms and Conditions
We accept payment via direct deposit, Pay Pal, cheque or cash. Sorry, no credit card payments. We request 50% before manufacturing and the remainder before goods are sent. We reserve the right to retain the 50% deposit as a condition of cancellation of the order by the Purchaser, or if cancellation is mutually agreed to due adverse circumstances that arise after the commencement of manufacturing. Once final payment has been received, goods will be booked in with a sensitive freight company and purchaser will receive notification of goods dispatched and delivery details. All doors are wrapped, packaged and labelled as FRAGILE items. We accept no responsibility for the care after Shoji Doors during transit, but all deliveries are covered by complimentary free freight insurance. Ensure packaging is checked for any signs of damage before signing for the delivery and accepting receipt of your doors. Normal warranty rules apply after this.
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